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 Kiddos are our most powerful inventors!  At J.E.2.T.R.Q (Jr Engineers 2 The ResQ) summer camp they will learn leadership, communication skills, how to build a business, and get hands-on experience with innovating technology. While also collaborating building and leaving no stone unturned in their STEM world exploration, they will probe the fundamentals of engineering and mathematics. This summers opportunity will be amazing. Your child will be creating a lifelong relationship with STEM.

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Mission: Our mission is to provide a reputable STEM and Robotic experience for the K-12 scholar, and to encourage scholars to pursue an education and or career in STEM and Robotic technologies.  By introducing a summer enrichment program that will enhance their understanding and application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Programming and Robotic principles, to further cultivating their learning relationship. Through STEM and Robotics, we are changing communities one zip code at a time!





Early Registration Stars January 8, 2018!!!







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