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What are our clients saying about us? Read these testimonials to find out how 2TRQ Inc has helped other businesses.


Jill More

Mary K

  Elite Executive National Sales Director 

"2TRQ Inc's proactive IT management approach ensures the continuity of our operations. By preventing unplanned service disruptions that result in expensive outages. 2TRQ Inc is highly skilled at aligning technology solutions with business objectives, bridging the gap between operational costs and the ability to still receive tangible results." 


Peter Rutledge

Rutledge M.D

"2TRQ Inc operated as an extension of our IT Department. Their staff understands not only our technology but also our corporate goals and our budget. This makes them an ideal partner for us in all things IT."


David Bryan Norman

NVision Systems

"The competitive rate structure o2TRQ Inc, their service quality, and overall expertise were the primary factors for selecting 2TRQ Inc as our business partner for our structured cabling projects."



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